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Candidate Survey Explanations

  • Erika Almiron:
  • I will work with community groups, small landlords (owning less than 5 properties) and experts to draft legislations that meets Philadelphia's housing needs. I will work with movement leaders from the push to enact rent-control 30 years ago and today to build a statewide strategy to ensure that Harrisburg doesn't thwart our efforts.
  • Ethelind Baylor:
  • If elected to City Council, I plan to advocate for rent stabilization that provides fair rental increase limits and eviction protections. This includes extending good cause eviction protections to residential leases for a limited time.
  • Vinny Black:
  • Organize and unite
  • Sherrie Cohen:
  • To enact rent control, I will organize alongside of tenants and emphasize that increasing rent is causing evictions and displacement. 53% of renters in Philly are paying more than 30% of their income on rent. Low-income tenants are paying nearly 60% of their income on rent, compared to only 22% for middle-income earners and just 13.2% for high-income earners. And, good cause eviction legislation should be extended to apply to all tenants, not only those with month to month leases.
  • Allan Domb:
  • While I believe that there should be affordable housing options, proposed Council legislation would raise rents and cause landlords to avoid registering units. There are as many as 40,000 unlicensed units, which can force residents to live in poor conditions. The city should be trying to get more owners to be licensed. Research shows that Philadelphia has one of the lowest average salaries of the top 20 cities. That is why housing is unaffordable, despite having relatively low housing costs.
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn:
  • The legislation needs to include funding for additional enforcement.
  • Beth Finn:
  • We can no longer afford to ignore our housing crisis. Left unaddressed, people will lose their homes and our unhoused population will increase. I support the immediate enactment of short-term rent control (5 to 10 years) to allow residents’ income to catch up to the cost of living. We need to
  • Katherine Gilmore Richardson:
  • Philadelphia is soaring to new heights and leaving too many people behind. I would introduce a resolution calling for hearings on enacting rent control in Philadelphia and increase funding for community legal service entities like Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) and Community Legal Services (CLS) to ensure tenants who need legal representation due to proposed eviction proceedings receive the help they need and deserve.
  • Irina Goldstein:
  • Rent control is really bad policy. It's bad economics. Rent controls reduce supply. If you're a landlord and you have to rent out an apartment at less than its market value, you're going to have to create fewer units. Shortage of supply, compared to high demand, is typically solved by an increase in price. Developers will create more if they can make more money. But, rent controls reduce the amount of money a landlord can make and it leads to a shortage.
  • Helen Gym:
  • I’m championing an equitable housing agenda. When I learned that one in 14 renters is evicted every year - 70% of whom are black women - I worked with our housing advocates to win the first legal defense fund to provide help for families facing eviction. Philadelphia needs rent control.
  • Adrian Rivera-Reyes:
  • If I am elected to City Council, I will introduce legislation to strengthen our recently passed Good Cause Eviction laws to protect all tenets in our city. I will also introduce universal rent control legislation for Philadelphia.
  • Mark Ross:
  • Would support the bill which is already in place, but make changes to control the rent increases for low income families.
  • Isaiah Thomas:
  • Philadelphia is currently suffering a major housing crisis as rents rise and wages remain the same. We must provide citizens a living wage to ensure that anyone who works a full time job can afford to live a decent life in our city.
  • Fernando Trevino-Martinez:
  • I'll work with advocates to extend good cause eviction protections to all residential leases, and I'll work with my colleagues in City Council to enact legislation to stabilize rents. I believe that in some areas the rent should be regulated to ensure that low-income families have access to affordable units.
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