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The Problem

Our Solutions

  • City Council and the Mayor should create a City-owned bank, which will hold all City funds and invest them for the sole purpose of improving the lives of Philadelphians, particularly those whose credit needs have historically not been met by the big banks.
  • The detailed mission of the bank should be determined through a process that broadly engages the community, and is ultimately decided by the City’s elected government.
  • The Board of the Bank, which implements the bank’s mission, should include a majority of individuals with public advocacy or activist experience in one or more of the following fields: poverty reduction, low-income housing, renewable energy, workers’ rights, small business development, promotion of co-operative enterprise, and/or civil rights.
  • Relevant Historical Precedent:

City Council Actions

  • Council should enact an ordinance directing the Mayor, Council President and Controller to create the Philadelphia People’s Bank with all the features described above.
  • The ordinance should direct the City to apply for all permits required for the bank to begin operations.
  • The ordinance should also require the City to report its progress in obtaining required permits, and complying with all relevant regulatory requirements, every six months at a public hearing until the bank is ready to accept deposits of City funds.


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