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Candidate Survey Explanations

  • Vinny Black:
  • I need to study real cases of safe houses in other countries to understand how it affects local communities
  • Sherrie Cohen:
  • I recently signed onto a letter written by the SOL Collective and ACT UP Philadelphia in support of Safehouse. Safehouse is a public health approach to overdose prevention, based on the principle that preservation of human life overrides any other considerations.
  • Allan Domb:
  • I believe that the work of organizations like Safehouse are crucial to overdose prevention and that Philadelphians who seek help deserve our assistance. I will work with my colleagues on City Council to make sure that any plan we put forth to deal with addiction issues is comprehensive and created with the input of experts.
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn:
  • I need to be more educated on this issue. Currently, I know it's important that the community be educated on overdose prevention and all available treatment and recovery options. I believe we should keep the focus on treatment and getting people into care. Residents must have a voice in the location of prevention sites.
  • Beth Finn:
  • Overdose prevention and harm reduction services save lives. Peer-run overdose prevention sites have more success than government-run sites. I will work with Safehouse to further the progress they have made to opening a site here. Any tool that saves lives is worth exploring. We should also increase education and training for people on the use of Narcan. Addiction is not a character flaw. It is a mental health disease. We must provide treatment options for people to get the assistance they need.
  • Katherine Gilmore Richardson:
  • I support increased funding for treatment and narcan availability, social service connections and housing resources to help persons using drugs get off of drugs.
  • Irina Goldstein:
  • We are skeptical of safe injection sites. We do not think there is conclusive evidence proving they work and we are not willing to have potentially dangerous experiments performed in our city. We do not understand why maintaining the criminal status of drug abuse, and treating it as a criminal act, is now off-limits. The individual is safe in prison, and we are open to rehabilitation efforts while in prison. That said, we are open to any new information to stop this scourge of drug abuse.
  • Helen Gym:
  • I was the first and only Councilmember on record to support safe injection sites. I will continue dialoguing with the community to ensure that we are moving toward this and support community efforts to educate and reduce stigma in any affected communities.
  • Adrian Rivera-Reyes:
  • As a scientist, I recognize that addiction is something that can not be tackled by our criminal justice system but needs to be tackled with a multi-faceted evidence based approach focusing on health justice for those suffering addiction.If elected to City Council, I will support research into finding dedicated streams of revenue to make sure non-profits like Safehouse always remain open to help those afflicted with addiction.
  • Mark Ross:
  • I don't know much about Safehouse. Do they prevent overdoses with Narcan, or other drugs?
  • Isaiah Thomas:
  • While the opioid epidemic is a major issues we as a city must handle immediately I worry about the implementation and safety of these centers. Many citizens have shown great concern, as well as, guidelines in regards to children or pregnant women have not been clearly addressed. These are just a few of the issues, that concern me about this solution.
  • Fernando Trevino-Martinez:
  • Working with community members and city leaders that represent all interests in the matter. The main point of argument for me will be the location of the prevention sites.
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