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Candidate Survey Explanations

  • Erika Almiron:
  • A fair tax structure is one of the foundations for a just society. As an elected leader I will champion a tax structure in which those who profit the most are called upon to pay their fair share. Locally, I believe we should look to raise taxes on the highest earning corporations.
  • Ethelind Baylor:
  • Like many other US cities, Philadelphia has a major affordable housing issue. A prioritization of spending on affordable housing is a wise investment that strengthens the middle class. I wholly support voluntary inclusionary housing and the formation of and upkeep of community land trusts help provide long-term permanently affordable housing for residents with incomes 30-50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) while also allowing for long-term community planning of development.
  • Vinny Black:
  • I want to cut the politicians control of money and get it straight into the hands of those who work for it... also fully support a property tax abatement on those making under 30,000 a year in order to help make housing affordable
  • Sherrie Cohen:
  • The city’s affordable housing stock has been on the decline for years. Philadelphia lost more than 37,300 low-cost rental units priced under $750 between 2000 and 2015. I will demand the city sue banks that have, in recent history, engaged in redlining, and use the funding to provide for more affordable and accessible housing. We must also fight for $100M/year for our Housing Trust Fund, the amount Washington, D.C. has appropriated from its general fund.
  • Allan Domb:
  • I am proud that Council just approved $80 million funding for the HTF from expiring tax abatements. It is important that we provide safe, quality and affordable housing options for city residents, especially while the city fights to address poverty. Although I believe that any tax revenues generated by expiring abatements should be dedicated to school funding, I could support dedicating the entirety of tax revenues to the HTF. If not, I would support finding a dedicated funding source.
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn:
  • I would consider dedicating proceeds from a construction tax to the Housing Trust Fund.
  • Beth Finn:
  • Our money should be invested in Philadelphia. A public bank is how we get our money back. I will fight for the establishment of a public bank for Philadelphia. A public bank enables the city to save millions of dollars every year that currently is paid to corporate banks in fees and interest payments. We must make inclusionary zoning mandatory. Currently, an estimated $18 million will be gained over the next five years from the stronger voluntary inclusionary zoning bonus from the city.
  • Katherine Gilmore Richardson:
  • Modify the tax abatement and as properties come off the 10 year tax abatement, dedicate a portion of the new collection to the Housing Trust Fund.
  • Irina Goldstein:
  • We think that the free market is the best solution to poverty. We want to open up the city for business by removing unnecessary regulations and taxes. We do not think that government intervention is the best way to provide housing for people in this city. We want to reduce the role of the HTF to providing emergency assistance for homeless people, especially veterans. It will be easier to secure funding once we reduce the HTF to this emergency safety net role.
  • Helen Gym:
  • This is fundamentally a question of will and priorities; we have had growing tax revenues in recent years and some other peer cities have made a larger guaranteed annual commitment to fund affordable housing. We ensure stable funding for city agencies in normal years, and could easily do so for housing funds. I support a commitment that at least half of future funds go to families at less than 30% AMI.
  • Adrian Rivera-Reyes:
  • To do so I propose the creation of two new taxes aimed at making developers pay their fair share. My proposal to find a dedicated source of new money for our city’s Housing Trust Fund would be twofold. I will support the creation of a new tax on luxury housing development and a vacant property tax that targets absentee landlords and property owners. These two new dedicated funding streams will give our city the ability to fully fund a massive investment in our Public Housing Authority.
  • Mark Ross:
  • The HTF has dedicated source of funding, but a bill must be introduced to make low income, and homeless families get some of this funding,, for many of them are below the median income.
  • Fernando Trevino-Martinez:
  • Using the funds generated by the repeal of the 10-year tax abatement for properties valued over $700,00.
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