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Candidate Survey Explanations

  • Ethelind Baylor:
  • Immigrants contribute to the culture of Philadelphia. I unequivocally support our hardworking immigrant population; many who own local businesses. I support the City's Sanctuary policy and believe we need to combat the misinformation about the immigration debate and contributions made by immigrant communities in general. Priority: Mandating multicultural training for all City employees. Support ESL programs within the school district. Reinforce safeguards regarding ICE in our Sanctuary City.
  • Vinny Black:
  • If there are sexually violent offenders, the public should be protected
  • Sherrie Cohen:
  • In addition to ending City interaction with ICE, we must also decarcerate our city and end policies and practices that overpolice and criminalize people of color in our schools and communities, such as unconstitutional stop and frisk. We must end the school to prison pipeline and replace metal detectors and police officers in our schools with social workers and restorative practices.
  • Allan Domb:
  • I do not support allowing ICE to target, detain or otherwise deport law abiding members of our community who have come here seeking a better life and are working to make themselves and our community better. I also support a path to citizenship for immigrants. However, in the narrow circumstances where someone who is here without documentation has committed a violent crime, I believe that person should not be allowed to stay following their sentence.
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn:
  • I need to learn more about the options available to the City and how to replace revenue lost from not accepting federal funds.
  • Beth Finn:
  • Law enforcement’s job is public safety. Taking part in immigration enforcement strains our police force’s community relationships and, ultimately, makes our city less safe. The Sheriff’s Department should reduce the list of misdemeanors that could be cause for deportation; the Sheriff’s Department’s website should stop publishing
  • Katherine Gilmore Richardson:
  • Through City Council’s budget process, I would carefully monitor federal funds received by the City and the companies the City plans to enter into contract with to provide services to immigrants.I would continue to work with law enforcement officials, school district representatives and others to ensure ICE’s presence in our community is eliminated and increase funding for the Immigrant Affairs office and groups on the front lines to adequately serve the needs of our immigrant communities.
  • Irina Goldstein:
  • These ideas are indefensible. I.C.E. is staffed by patriots who defend us from drug traffickers as well as human traffickers. There are people who are forced to have sex twenty, thirty times a day by vicious traffickers who are here illegally. I.C.E. is not "rounding people up" arbitrarily. Sanctuary city policies do nothing but harm our community. They do not build trust. No one is deported for being a witness to a crime. I.C.E. is here with a federal mandate to deport criminal illegal aliens.
  • Helen Gym:
  • I've been clear ICE is not an agency that can be fixed or reformed, it must be dismantled. I joined Philadelphia activists to protest ICE at its doorstep and have worked for years to end our deeply harmful information-sharing agreements including the successful push to bar ICE from accessing PARS. It's a core responsibility of my position to represent immigrant Philadelphians regardless of status and will continue to identify additional ways to limit ICE’s reach in our city.
  • Adrian Rivera-Reyes:
  • If we are to truly be a Sanctuary City rather than one in name only we need to sever any and all ties between our city and ICE. If elected to City Council, I will support Sanctuary City legislation that will forbid the city from accepting, seeking out, or honoring ICE contracts, banning any collaboration between city employees i.e police from cooperating in any manner with ICE.
  • Mark Ross:
  • With Philadelphia being a city that embraces the rights of immigrants, I would support any bill that would end interaction, collaboration, and limitations on the presence of ICE.
  • Isaiah Thomas:
  • There is already enough mistrust and apprehension in black and brown communities around police, hospitals and Human Services without adding the threat of deportation. Cooperating with ICE only makes fraught tense relationships more strained.
  • Fernando Trevino-Martinez:
  • I worked defending the rights of immigrants, reuniting families and minors at the border, and helping return to Mexico the bodies of immigrants who died crossing the border. I was MOIMA’s Deputy Director. I lead the internal campaign to convince the Mayor to stop cooperation with ICE and helped in the negotiation with advocate community and city council to draft executive order that turn Philadelphia into a Sanctuary City. I'll always be a passionate advocate for my community.
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