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Candidate Survey Explanations

  • Ethelind Baylor:
  • Philadelphia schools are facing inadequate funding; which exacerbates academic segregation. I will advocate with our friends and leadership in the State House for additional funding, and apply pressure on elected leaders to commit to fixing the issues. We need to optimize school buildings, making them more energy efficient, free of mold, moisture and carbon monoxide, with upgraded ventilation systems. I am a staunch advocate for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Vinny Black:
  • Organize and unite
  • Sherrie Cohen:
  • Yes, it is unconscionable that we keep sending our children into harm's way. The City should issue a bond to ensure these funds. And Governor Wolf is calling for $4.5 billion to repair schools and other infrastructure, and proposed a state tax on natural gas producers to pay for it.
  • Allan Domb:
  • I will support legislation that will increase wages to $15 an hour and set up a task force to oversee needed repairs. That said, I do not believe that people who earn $15 an hour should be asked to handle asbestos, toxic lead, mold, rodents or faulty electricity and poor ventilation -- all of which bring specific threats to physical safety and should be handled by trained professionals. The thought that someone got sick because they were paid $15 to handle asbestos or lead is unacceptable to me.
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn:
  • Using the budget process, we should make Council's authorization and reauthorization of funding contingent on the establishment of the Task Force and quarterly reports to Council.
  • Beth Finn:
  • We must ensure kids have a safe, clean environment to learn. Schools are full of asbestos, lead paint, & toxic particulates. The codified legal standards for our schools must be at least the same as the homes where we live. We need a $15/hour minimum wage in all jobs, including this one. A facilities task force must
  • Katherine Gilmore Richardson:
  • As a public school graduate, former LTS teacher and parent of a child currently in public school, the future of the SDP is very important to me. I would advocate for fully staffing the cleaning and maintenance staff at the School District and ensuring all workers are paid at least $15 per hour. The City and quasi City agencies should lead by example to ensure all workers are paid minimum wage. I would draft a MOU with a list of priorities for the funding provided from the City to the SDP.
  • Irina Goldstein:
  • The School District for years has been a black hole of waste and there is a chronic lack of transparency. It has a massive budget and still has these awful problems. Dumping more taxpayer money into the problem will not solve it. We think reducing taxes and better education can go hand in hand. We will expand the tax base by growing the economy and streamline the funding sources of the school district to ensure they are being used properly.
  • Helen Gym:
  • I helped bring safe drinking water stations to our schools and supported the abatement of lead paint in school buildings. My work helped create the Philadelphia Healthy Schools Initiative. Alongside parents and teachers, I’m pushing for a school reconstruction plan to make major renovations to deteriorating school buildings. This includes better wages and protections for school staff.
  • Adrian Rivera-Reyes:
  • I support an end the 10-year tax abatement and extracting PILOTS from nonprofits is so we can hire the necessary maintenance staff and cleaners to fix the infrastructure of our public schools. If I am elected to City Council, I will support the creation of a democratically elected school board that will listen to the stakeholders of our community schools like parents, faculty, and most importantly the students themselves so those three groups can determine what are the most pressing repairs.
  • Mark Ross:
  • Our first priority are our children, by proposing a bill to ensure the total cleanup of the schools, hiring of the workers at fair wages, and holding the school district responsible for overseeing these projects
  • Isaiah Thomas:
  • I have worked as an educator for over fifteen years in public schools and not having adequate and up to date facilities is one of the forgotten issues but it contributes greatly to the failure of our students. The fact that schools must close because it is too hot or too cold detrimentally affects student performance. If elected, I will prioritize funding for school facilities to keep our children in safe and healthy environments.
  • Fernando Trevino-Martinez:
  • I'll use every tool at my disposal to improve public education with short term, tangible solutions. I'll be a fierce advocate to solve the long-term financial crisis of the school district, but in the meantime we need to secure basic support for teachers and a safe environment for our children.
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