Now is the time to transform Philadelphia

A Philadelphia for everyone. Accessible and affordable. Safe and healthy. Dignity and respect for all work. Investing in every community. It’s up to us. Vote May 21st In Philly's Primary Election

End the Tax Abatement. Healthy Schools. And more... Read our First-year Policy Priorities


Stop Targeting Black and Brown People

Reduce the jail population. End interactions with ICE. Sue banks that participate in redlining. Drastically cut the number of adults on probation and parole. End stop and frisk.


Keep Philadelphia Accessible and Affordable

Enact rent control. Use city land and money for affordable development. Make newly constructed homes accessible. Expand mental health programs.


Invest in Healthy Schools, Jobs and Housing

Invest in the Housing Trust Fund for low-income families. Use savings from closing jails for alternatives to incarceration. Clean up the toxic conditions in schools.


Make Corporations, Developers and Universities Pay their Fair Share

End the 10-year tax abatement. Make universities give payments in-lieu of taxes. Take control of taxpayer subsidies. Fight for employers to pay a living wage.


Expand Community Control of Land, Housing, Schools and Energy

Fix the Land Bank, protect green spaces run by Black and Brown communities. Nominate school board members who are accountable. Commit to the goals of a Green New Deal.


Make Philadelphia a Safe and Healthy City for Everyone


Protect the Dignity and Respect of all Work

Create an enforcement office to fight wage theft, defend paid sick leave, and the fair work week. Protect the rights of domestic workers, gig economy workers, sex workers, and others.


Ensure a Democracy Where We Can All Participate

Create a democratically elected school board. Create a publicly-owned bank. Enact public financing of city elections. Expand language access in all city agencies.

The Alliance for a Just Philadelphia

Behind the People's Platform is nearly 30 community-based people's organizations who have fought and won major progressive victories for Philadelphia. We came together because we know our issues are connected. Our fates are tied. We need solutions that work for the greater good of everyone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.14.35 AMJuntosMedia Mobilizing ProjectOne PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Domestic WorkersPennsylvania Student PowerPhiladelphia Community Bail Fund
Philadelphia Neighborhood NetworksPhilly Power ReseachPhiladelphia Student UnionPhilly ThrivePhillySUNPOWERProject SafeReclaim Philadelphia13920777_1085566848190690_520214756584991006_n
Soil GenerationSol CollectiveStadium StompersViet LeadWomen's Community Revitalization ProjectYASP

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